We maintain your building, so you can focus on your business.

Our employees make the difference

At All Pro Building Maintenance, we take the job of screening, hiring, training and supervising our employees very seriously. Unlike subcontracted janitors, all of our employees are full-time staff members who make an investment in a long term relationship with you and your building from day one. We are committed to investing in training and mentoring our employees so that they are able to perform above and beyond our client’s expectations. They will do the same for you.

Photo of job interview--All Pro Maintenance thoroughly screens all employees

Employee Screening

Above all else, it is imperative that you are able to trust the people who clean and maintain your building. At All Pro Building Maintenance, each potential employee is subjected to a personal interview as well as an extensive reference check and background check. If there is the slightest concern, we do not hire them. The confidentiality, safety and security of our customer's and their property are our number one priority. In addition, each of our employees is fully bonded and insured.

Employee training photo--All Pro Maintenance thoroughly trains all employees


At All Pro Building Maintenance, we ensure the longevity of our employees by creating stability in the workplace, which we believe comes from providing quality job training. Each of our employees understands that they will be held accountable for the quality of their work, so our training practices focus on making sure that they are clear about their job responsibilities. We train them in client-specific procedures that allow them to perform to their highest potential and to do the best job possible to meet your specific cleaning and maintenance needs.

Photo showing a maintenance inspection, part of the supervision provided by All Pro Maintenance management

Employee Supervision/Mentoring

A satisfied employee is a productive employee. At All Pro Building Maintenance, we continuously supervise, mentor and coach our employees to encourage them to improve themselves and in turn, perform better for our clients. In addition, our supervisors will regularly visit your facility and meet with you as well as make themselves available by phone and email to ensure that the work our employees do meets both your standards and ours. You can rest assured that we are a partner you can trust to clean and maintain your property.